Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostics

Our transformer monitoring and diagnostics solutions enable our customers to capture and analyse critical data in order to detect impending failures, thus avoiding or reducing the impact of unplanned outages. As a leading provider of technology in South Africa we are proud distributors of GE Digital Energy products which empower our customers with real-time data to assist in making informed decisions.

Being able to monitor installed transformers aids our customers in being proactive and improving the reliability of their plants and networks. This further leads to reduced maintenance expenses, keep up performance and reduce capital expenditure by knowing exactly which transformers are performing well and which ones require maintenance or repairs.

Our transformer monitoring solutions also analyse the dissolved gases and their concentrations in a transformer’s oil, which is key to this solution. Depending on the function and application of the transformer, the solution will involve using either a single and multi-gas monitoring unit.

The gases we detect and what they indicate are:

  • Hydrogen – General fault gas
  • Carbon Monoxide – Overheated paper installation
  • Methane – Overheating of oil from 200°C to 500°C
  • Ethane – Overheating of oil from 300°C  to 500°C
  • Ethylene – Overheating of oil above 500°C and formation of carbon particles
  • Acetylene – Electrical arcing
  • Carbon Dioxide – Severe oil oxidation
  • Oxygen – Oxidation