Telecommunication Solutions

Do you plan, build and operate network assets?

Do you face industry challenges such as:

  • Driving network build, to increase revenue per customer
  • Differentiating yourself, with faster time to market to stay competitive
  • Customer retention, through increased customer experience
  • Cost reduction, through operational efficiency & lower cost of ownership
  • Meeting SLA’s and Regulatory pricing/reporting commitments

In today’s ever changing world with technology developing at a rapid pace and the demand for better and faster communications services. At IST we understand the challenges of building, operating and maintaining a network.

That is why we have brought together solutions that are market leaders to address and eliminate these challenges through world class solutions.

Our solutions look after the entire network lifecycle, taking away the painstaking challenges and offering a more efficient workflow and effective processes of managing and maintaining your network.

Whether it be planning, designing and building of a new network or operating and maintaining an existing network, we offer an array of solutions that not only address industry challenges but also add value through additional functionality and key benefits.

Our solutions bring together market expertise and experience to get the right people to do the right things at the right standard at the right time – a simple concept but, yet hard to get right.