Advanced Distribution Management for Power Utilities

Our iST team has been providing Smart Grid solutions to our customers since before the term Smart Grid existed, proving that we truly are leaders in technology. We have been providing SCADA Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Outage Management Systems and Advanced Distribution Management Systems to distribution utilities since the late 1990s, and we still do so across several locations in Africa.

Our Advanced Distribution Management Systems provide a single platform that integrates several previously disparate functions. This single, unified platform and a single network model utilised across various systems mentioned above allows network operators to run their networks with greater safety, reliability and efficiency. Advanced applications in distribution optimisation include Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) functions as well as Integrated Volt/Var Control IVVC.

These Advanced Distribution Management Systems assist operators in ensuring stable grids amidst increasing challenges such as integration of renewable and distributed generation into their networks.