Case Study: Making service click at Altech Netstar

The Company: 

Altech Netstar is a pioneer in the stolen vehicle tracking and recovery (SVR) industry in South Africa. The business caters for a wide range of needs with its product range. It’s locally designed and manufactured systems have stood the test of time. With over 600,000 vehicles under its protection, Altech Netstar provides the most comprehensive private recovery service and infrastructure in Southern Africa and has recovered in excess of 60,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles. Altech Netstar is responsible for providing fitments and repairs of very high standards to ensure the safety of their customers.

The Challenge: 

The business was challenged to improve both customer service and productivity. Compounding the problem was the time-consuming process of entering information on paper-based forms. The effects of this were felt throughout the entire business. Mobilising a  workforce of more than 250 technicians and responding to customer calls were also some of the challenges that the business faced.

The users of the existing system lost their trust in the applications, which lead to frustrations in the field and the call centre. The stolen vehicle recovery market in South Africa is very competitive, and Altech Netstar realised that they require a workforce management system that can deliver the following:

  • Eliminate the need for paper-based work and job cards
  • Provide reporting capabilities
  • Fluid integration of mobile and dispatching components
  • Increase the number of work orders that can be processed
  • Ease of integration to CRM
  • Reduce the number of trips for the same job
  • Ease of use
The Solution: 

The Altech Netstar business representatives undertook a thorough evaluation, examining the workforce scheduling and mobility tools that were available in the market. iST positioned ClickSoftware to deliver a number of key criteria. It had a good mobile application, with off the shelf integration between the dispatching system and mobile application. ClickSoftware provided a centralised scheduling solution, offering outstanding value for money. Another key reason for selecting ClickSoftware was that the scheduling solution integrates easily with CRM. ClickSoftware and iST's implementation capability will allow the business to grow to a fully automated workforce management solution. This will ensure that Technicians with the right skills and parts are scheduled on time to the right location, resulting in improved customer service and productivity.

"The solution allows us at Netstar to think ahead complexly but keep it simple and practical for field staff"- Ralph Josling (GM: Technical Services)

The Benifit: 
  • All job cards on system
  • More tasks per person per day - target 3.6 jobs per tech
  • Improved data quality
  • Improved capture time of data CRM
  • Dispatcher empowerment
  • Reduce delays to customer – notify of issue on site, in traffic or fitment delays
  • Proof of damages
  • Better understanding of fitments
  • Own Vehicle Inspection
  • Improved CSI
  • Fast statistical feedback from the system
  • Keep track of stock
The Result: 

ClickSoftware is now ensuring enhanced continuity of service for Altech Netstar customers. As a result of improved visibility into the field, Dispatchers can now make decisions based on real-time information. Electronic job cards containing business information such as signatures, photographs and work order information are now available. Real-time reports give managers the ability to obtain insight into the field and has led to increased efficiency of the dispatchers and technicians. Despite the diverse nature of their work, the visibility of the workforce across the entire operations has allowed Altech Netstar to easily identify and act upon irregularities. Management can make more informed decisions based upon improved visibility of the field and the status of work orders. This lead to the increase in workforce efficiency. ClickSoftware and iST are facilitating the delivery of consistent services to customers. Altech Netstar now has a business model that gives them a competitive advantage.