Monitoring and Diagnostics Products

Our monitoring and diagnostics products are able to detect and analyse gases in order to determine whether there is a fault in a transformer, as well as determining exactly what is wrong with it in order to rectify the cause. Depending on the transformers, we provide solutions that include installing single- or multi-gas units on all transformers. We also offer a mobile unit which can be used when taking oil samples from transformers, as an alternative to installing individual units.

The benefits of making use of monitoring and diagnostics products include:

  • Reduced inspection and maintenance costs by extending the time between routine maintenance activities
  • Reduced unplanned outages due to continuous condition monitoring and early detection of primary faults
  • Provision of greater lifespan confidence through the use of online model computations providing real-time transformer condition information
  • Deferring major replacement costs by optimising the transformers’ performance and extending their lifespan