Hydran M2

This is a monitoring and diagnostics product delivered by PIM.  The Hydran M2 is a compact affordable all-in-one on-line transformer-monitoring device. Whilst permanently mounted on the transformer, the Hydran M2 will alert personnel to developing fault conditions. In addition to catering for a composite value of various fault gases (in ppm) as well as moisture in oil readings (%RH and ppm), the Hydran M2 also covers on-board transformer mathematical models based on IEEE® and IEC® standards to provide further information on the performance of the transformer.


  • Medium to large sized transformers
  • Lower risk and/or consequence of failure 
  • Transmission transformers
  • Significant step up from manual oil sampling


  • Real-time single composite fault-gas and moisture in-oil measurement system.
  • Option to integrate additional sensors (temp, load, …).
  • Option to process transformer mathematical models based on IEEE/IEC standards and only transmit key results.
  • Easy to install on a single valve.
  • No moving parts, no pumps and no extra piping required.
  • No field calibration required.
  • Local and remote alarms set at pre defined levels.



  • Composite gas sensor which responds 100% to Hydrogen(general gas fault) and is sensitive to Carbon Dioxide (overheated paper insulation)
  • RS-485 output as standard
  • Choice of up to 4 extra input/output modules
  • Wide range of communication methods and protocols
  • Easily upgradeable to models package
  • Vacuum-resistant gas extraction membrane
  • Built in temperature condition system
  • Full system self test and self-diagnostics
  • Logging of data and significant events up to a year
  • User-friendly client/server graphical user interface software
  • TCP/IP, copper or fibre, as an option