GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

Intelligent Network Inventory

Physical Network Inventory supports all aspects of your network, from the core transmission network to the customer access network. The product’s modular structure and flexibility enables it to support a variety of telecommunications service providers, such as traditional local exchange carriers, inter-exchange carriers, and cable TV operators.

Physical Network Inventory is built upon a powerful spatially enabled database that provides a complete suite of tools to manage business critical network information. Physical Network Inventory incorporates:

  • A data-driven equipment catalogue
  • Support for work order management and generation of bills of materials
  • Support for the design and documentation of both underground and overhead structures
  • Effective management of the capacity of various aspects of the network, such as ducts and conduits, floor and rack space, etc.
  • Generation of a range of schematic representations of the network

All data and functionality is accessed via a Windows®-based user interface which provides a consistent workflow for users and offers drag and drop creation of new entities combined with a range of wizards to assist with complex tasks.