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CSI Initiatives

Corporate Social Investment is a very important part of the South African business environment. With the country emerging from decades of colonialism and apartheid, there are big disparities between rich and poor, and these divides very often coincide with racial categories. Integrators of Systems Technology regards CSI as a social imperative.

We believe that developing poorer communities and improving the lives of the disadvantaged also makes good business sense for companies who want to function in a growing economy with an expanded market base.

Integrators of Systems Technology (Pty) Ltd (iST) has invested in the following Corporate Social Investment initiatives:


Thuthuka Primary School is located in the Tembisa township area in Gauteng. The school was established in 1962. Tembisa is the second biggest densely populated township after Soweto. Most of its residents are uneducated and poor, hence education in this area became very crucial. There are currently 962 learners and only 24 teachers including the principal assisting at Thuthuka Primary school. The school has received assistance from iST for many years as it relies on corporate companies for funding and resources. Taking into account the background of these children, these donations drastically changed their lives around the school.


Although iST offers the option of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme to its employees, it also offers the benefit of an in-house Occupational Health Clinic.  This facility is manned by a registered Occupational Health sister on weekdays and provides basic medical care, medication and advice free of charge to all employees and dependents.  Where required, the sister will refer employees to a medical doctor or an appropriate medical practitioner for specialised treatment.  The annual amount budgeted for this facility amounts to R100 000.00.


iST also provides daily meals to its contracted security guards at no cost.  The annual amount budgeted for this facility amounts to R10 000.00


The main aim of the scheme is to address the shortage of qualified engineers (primarily mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer science) from previously disadvantaged communities, in the industry.

Bursary students do not only receive sponsorship for their studies, accommodation, books and pocket money but are obliged to spend time in the employ of iST during vacations, during which time they are subjected to a properly formulated mentorship programme in preparation for ultimate permanent employment within the industry.  They are furthermore expected, upon completion of their studies, to take up employment with iST for a minimum period of time equal to the duration of their studies.  This practice ensures that practical experience is gained in the field these bursars qualify in as well as the benefit to iST of creating a pool of qualified engineers.


Every year the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering gives their final year project students an opportunity to showcase their final year projects to fellow students and industry partners.  The annual Final Year Project Competition was held on 3 November 2017 at which IST was one of the sponsors.  The sponsorship for 2017 was to the value of R7 000.00.


The purpose of a Learnership programme is to promote access to education and training, as they allow young people to work and get started on their career while also studying for an educational qualification.  iST offered a Learnership to two unemployed learners during 2017/2018 and Internships to 11 Engineering students.  The purpose of the Internship programmes is to offer practical work experience to qualified engineering students who are new to this field.