Telecontrol and Substation Automation

The importance of accurate real time operational information for the monitoring and control of utilities’ networks is growing. This is due to the demands on infrastructure becoming increasingly critical and complex. We provide our customers with the right information at the right time, with substation automation systems that allow for the collection, consolidation, processing, visualisation and reporting of operational data. This takes place on two levels: transmission and distribution.

Transmission Level

  • Bay level controllers
  • Substation RTU
  • Substation Gateway
  • Substation Human Machine Interface (HMI)

RTU/Telecontrol schemes are used to acquire real-time operational information from substations. This is vital to the stability of national electrical grids, as national control centres need real-time data to maintain system frequency and resultant system voltage in order to maintain grid stability. Along with providing national control centres with real-time data our telecontrol systems also provide the ability to make changes at these stations and substations with remote control commands to:

  • Open or close breakers
  • Accelerate or decelerate generators
  • Change transformer ratios

Note: These telecontrol measures require a gateway into the substation.

Distribution Level

  • Substation RTU/Gateway
  • Substation Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Pole Mount RTU/Gateway
  • Miniature Substation RTU

Although the requirements for the distribution level are not as rigorous as the transmission level, accurate monitoring and control is still vitally important. Precise operational data is still needed here in order to accurately control the applicable devices and to perform multi-disciplinary tasks.

We provide complete systems as well as a range of products to meet modern substation automation specifications and unique customer requirements.